Swim Cords with Paddles

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These Dry Training Swim Cords with Paddles are designed to improve you're all swim strokes with swim specific endurance and strength.
Training with these paddles improves inter-muscle times and trains you to keep your hands in a flat, relaxed position.

The Paddles are available in 3 resistance levels.

Beginner resistance Yellow    - 13 and under -and small women

Intermediate Resistance Red - 14 - 17ys youth and most adults

Advanced Blue  Resistance   - 18 and over and strong men.

Designed to emulate the feel and resistance of a swimming pull, Swim Cords with Paddles help you improve your strength and flexibility, reduce your IM times and train your hands to remain in a flat, relaxed position. Used by the U.S. Olympic Swim Team and swimmers worldwide.

Perfect for swimmers and triathletes strength workouts and warm ups.