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Hauschidlt Wins - Goggles for every face

As Summer shifts to the Southern Hemisphere and most North American and European triathletes are settled into the off-season, Melissa Hauschildt (AUS) won the tropical Challenge Laguna Phuket triathlon this past weekend.  It is a middle distance race with uncharacteristic distances: 1.8 K swim, 55 K bike and 12 K run.  Melissa kept the fast swim leaders close only surrendering about a minute.  Once she gathered her head of steam Melissa charged through the field and grabbed the win.

The photo highlighted above show Melissa exiting the swim in her PZ3tx speed suit - she also wears our Hydravision Junior goggles.  The Junior goggle provide Melissa's specific face size with the right width while preserving the same relative field of vision you get from our standard Hydravision goggle.  Throughout our range of goggles we have a few different width configurations: the Nero Race includes 4 interchangeable nose bridges, Hydravision comes in standard and Junior sizes, the Vision comes in standard and large width and the Siren is intended as a goggles for women but many triathletes of both sexes find it fits their specific face needs.  Add our array of lens colors and the blueseventy range provides performance for every athlete and condition.