At blueseventy we are very proud of our products and we are delighted that you have decided to purchase what we believe to be some of the world’s best swimming products. We stand behind our materials and manufacturing and every blueseventy product carries a promise of being of the highest quality. We are committed to repairing or replacing any item that falls within our warranty period and policies.


Your blueseventy wetsuit is supported with a warranty on both manufacturer and materials for one year from date of purchase. This covers the failure of any seams, moldings, trims, or fabrics.

blueseventy retains the right to define normal wear and tear circumstances, but as a guideline this requires the customer to follow care instructions and take all reasonable precautions to maintain the equipment. Exposure to elements such as extreme heat and direct sunshine, prolonged bacteria and chlorine, and other harsh or abrasive substances can accelerate product degradation and may void warranty. Fingernails and other sharp objects may tear and rip the high performance neoprene in your blueseventy wetsuit. blueseventy will not repair or replace items where there is clear evidence of inadequate care or treatment.

Please be aware, now wetsuits are becoming more and more flexible and high tech, the use of any oils (vege, Almond, baby oil) will now void any warranty with the wetsuit as all oils now damages the new materials used in all brands of wetsuits. The warranty period is 12 months from purchase.


Your blueseventy swimskin is supported with a warranty on both manufacturer and materials for one year from date of purchase. Swimskins are a high performance garment made up of the finest Italian textile fabrics. They are delicate and frequency of use can shorten the lifespan. Graphic peeling is a cosmetic issue and not a warranty fault.


Frequency of use and care differs from person to person. We cannot guarantee how long a suit will last.  In the event of any defect we offer a 6-week warranty period on materials and manufacturing. Once the suit has been used, blueseventy reserves the right to inspect the suit to determine if the suit damage was due to manufacturing faults, or user error. Please visit our RACE SWIMWEAR WARRANTY page for more details. The Swimming race suit warranty is 3 months from purchase. 

Training Swimwear, Triathlon Apparel, Goggles and Accessories

Our training and racing equipment is covered under a one year warranty on manufacturer and materials. blueseventy will choose to replace or repair any defects that occur within normal wear and tear circumstances.

If you would like contact us for a possible return or warranty issue, please contact us at info@blueseventy.co.nz