Become part of the New Zealand team

What is team Blue70?

We are like a club, for swimmers and triathletes, non exclusive, you can be a member of any other ocean swim club, pool swimming club or tri club and still join our team.

 We are a group of people that just want to enjoy swimming and support each other, learn and help one another. Lead by Dan Feisst, we have a number of team leaders here to help you with your swimming no matter who you are, including coaches, experts, funny buggers and some extorady humans.

What we can offer you

Applications for the team open on September 1st 2022

There will be no cost associated with applying for Blue70 Racing Team

You can be a member of others teams and clubs.

If you're accepted, you will receive all membership perks and discounts and will be invoiced $299 per year to access the team for 12 months. But we gift you over $350 in exclusive team merch to start you off, including a thermal Jacket ($229), T shirt ($49), swim cap ($20) and Peak Cap ($49) as well as a substantial discounts on all Blue70 products for 12 months.

The Membership fee will be used to ensure you have a team tent at nominated events, run the team and to reimburse team leaders that hold function at the events.

Spots on our team roster are limited, but we encourage everyone to apply

For Selected Brands

80% Off

Also credit card user will get 15% cash 
back on purchase over $300

Check out all the perks you !


Team Meet ups

At all our 

Online Support

Trainning programs
 avaliable and 
good banter

Great Swag

Free when 
you sign up

Exclusive Gear

Only gear you can get, like team uniform and customer kit

Come join us at a event!!

Meet the Team

Membership Perks

  • NEW members: Silicone Swim Cap, Limited Black Peak Cap, Limited Black Thermal Jacket, Limited team run tech T shirt.
  • RETURNING members: Silicone swim cap with their first racing-gear-store order.
  • A substantial discount on products from Blue70
  • Discounts on products from a long list of industry partners including running shoes, bike accessories and more.
  • Opportunities to win prizes from our industry partners.
  • Access to coaching resources - workouts, blogs, tips, videos and recipes.
  • Opportunities to enrol in direct coaching and group training with head coaching staff.
  • Invitation to exclusive team gatherings.
  • Invitation to activities planned around both local and national events. This is an excellent opportunity to meet other team members in person and race alongside them.
  • Private access to the team FaceBook Page where you can communicate with other members, plan meetups, check the team calendar, submit challenge completions, share pictures, using this team forum to seek encouragement, brag about your accomplishments, get inspired by your teammates, or just share a laugh with like-minded individuals!
  • Access to exclusive team gear. This includes cycling gear, running gear, casualwear and more.
  • Exclusive access to pro meet & greets and industry gear-talks throughout the year.

Team Guidelines

  • Train and race in the current Blue70 Racing gear. We want all our members to represent the team in their athletic endeavours. We understand that some of our members will have ties to other teams and clubs, but we still want our members to represent the team as much as possible. We will have all types of team gear available in the official team store, and it is up to each member to determine how they will represent the team in their training and racing. We will provide a special service where we can custom make your own suit with your own logos and sponsors and any colour you require.
  • Come to a team event. We strongly encourage our members to attend a team race and/or team gathering.
  • Promote blueseventy. As team members, it’s expected that you act as an expert on the brand. We expect our members to help with marketing efforts through social media posts and/or through interactions with your peers during training and racing.
  • Make sure to like/follow all Blue70 social channels. Engage with blueseventy, post pictures, and make sure to use the hashtags #allfortheswim, #swimmingfaster and #blue70racing
  • Refrain from publicly promoting any products from conflicting swim companies. This is an exclusive swim partnership with Blue70
  • Be Respectful. Athletes chosen for blueseventy racing are brand ambassadors and need to behave accordingly. Any action that may negatively affect the integrity of the blueseventy brand (i.e. doping) is cause for termination from the team.