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core short

Replicates the body position of a wetsuit by using the same top of the line materials as our award winning Helix resulting in a seamless adjustment to swimming on race day.

Constructed of high quality Yamamoto neoprene featuring buoyant Aerodome rubber in the front, 5mm rubber in the back and thinner side panels to promote rotation.

Bright orange graphics on the hips provide immediate feedback to the swimmer and coach on the pool deck of proper hip rotation.

High quality jersey liner including our signature orange A-Flex jersey for the thinner side panels.

SCS coating makes the core short durable and hydrophobic.

Longer length provides additional buoyancy.

Higher back limits water entry during turns.

Drawstring at waist secures fit.

Available in 5 unisex sizes.

The core short should be rinsed inside out with fresh water after each use and hung dry.