Injury prevention and rehab for swimmers

from blueseventy and Taylored Health & Performance

What is a shoulder impingement?

Understanding the bio mechanics of swimming, and how we can ensure that we have all the muscle groups firing evenly so the shoulders are not overloaded help ensure you can swim without injury.

What are Prehab and Rehab exercises ??

Preventing and repairing injuries is key to benefiting from training. Just 5 minutes a day of simple focus can make all the difference.


Luke from Taylored Health and Performance has teamed up with blueseventy to share stretches and strengthening exercises you can do anywhere, anytime - and help your swimming performance.

5 exercises to stretch your shoulders and help prevent shoulder injuries

Stretching - Free up the chest

FInd a doorway, and make the most of getting those tight spots across the chest muscles stretched and relaxed...ready to fly.


Distraction (Stretch) the Shoulder and bicep

Distraction - not an excuse to get out of exercise, but a stretch that creates some space for the joint to lubricate and free itself. A simple stretchcord or theraband is all you need.


Stretching out your lats with a rollar.

Give your key swim muscles your lats some attention. A foam roller and some bodyweight pressure will release those tight spots and keep them performing at their best.


Stretch and mobilise shoulder joints with a lacrosse ball

Use a firm ball like a lacrosse ball to help trigger and release those tight spots across your back with these simple tips.


Shoulder Band Exercise

The levator scapulae is a skeletal muscle situated at the back and side of the neck. Mobilise and loosen up the scapula and neck area using a stretch band a a few minutes of time

5 exercises to strengthen your shoulders and help prevent shoulder injuries

Strengthen your shoulder stabilisers

Activate and strengthen your shoulder stabilisers using a foam roller and a few subtle moves to get sustained results.


Strengthen and activate your scapular and lats - Bar pull down

Using a gym bar (or some stretch cords) to get the shoulders and lats activated and strengthened.


I,Y,W - Strengthening the Shoulder blades

Take yourself on a shoulder journey and move from I to Y to W and reap the strength benefits.


Focus on the external rotator cuffs

Using an incline bench and some light weights to balance out those swim muscles and the action of the all important rotator cuff


Retract and Protract

Small focused movements with a real focus on technique. Retract and protract those all important smaller muscles


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