Nero Care/FAQ

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Save your best, most scientific suits for your best, most important meets. The fabrics are highly  technical and chlorine, which is effectively bleach, damages them. Wearing nero for long periods  of time stretches it, and is uncomfortable. Here’s our race day suit tips:

• Put your suit on about half an hour before you race
• Take your time, the fabrics are lightweight & delicate to make the FAST, so treat them carefully
• Always have a spare suit, just in case! You may need a dry suit for finals!
• Don’t wear your race suit for warm ups & swim downs
• Girls, if you swim down between races wear a training suit over your race suit, take the straps off
  your shoulders & roll the race suit down to the narrowest part of your waist. This is more
  comfortable & helps look after your suit
• neroTX will dry more quickly than nero14 between races as it’s a lighter weight fabric
• nero14 is ideal for that one off race when you need to be at your absolute best!
• Rinse your suit with fresh, cold water & dry it flat or hanging from the legs (hanging from straps
  encourages chlorine to collect in crotch & damages the bonding there)
• Never, ever use a hand dryer to dry your suit!

How long should my nero last?

There’s no exact answer to how long a suit should last, because it depends on how frequently you wear it and how well it’s looked after. From the first moment you put it in the water, chlorine will start the aging process of the suit. Rinsing in fresh, cold water and drying as soon as possible after use will help, but once the chlorine is in the suit fibres it will damage it slowly. However, a well cared for nero should last you three to six months. In the event of any defect in the product we offer a 6-week warranty period as standard.

Please note that after this six week period, our retailers will not replace suits that smell strongly of chlorine, or look like they’ve been left in a kit bag overnight. If there is a genuine problem with your nero we will, of course, replace it, but please take good care of it and it should see you through plenty of personal best times for months to come!

Fitting nero kneeskins

Fit your suit elbow first!

It will be easier to get on and stretches the fabric much less.

Fitting hand first puts tonnes of pressure on the straps!


Liner rides high on the hips.

This will lift your core high in the water, and mean that the fit will be right around the neck and chest.

Fit the liner high so it sits across your bottom rather than under it.

Do this right and you’ll feel your body position is high in the water, making you faster!


Fitting nero jammers

Flip up the grippers and slowly and carefully work the suit up your legs. Ensure that it's fitted properly into your groin and then fix it into place across your bottom. Tie the waistband and flip the leg grippers into place just before you race.