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Working on your swim technique in the controlled environment of a pool pays dividends when you head outdoors or to the race pool. Understand what you are working on and why - and what outcome you are expecting - and then practice to reap the benefits. Carl and the team at Swim 360 have partnered with blueseventy in NZ to share some of their success secrets for your to implement.

A still head will help you swim faster

Keeping your head still and focused on where you are going keeps you streamlined in the direction where you want to head. A snorkel can be a great help as you start the process.

Improve you pull with 1 arm freestyle drill

Catching the water and pulling it through effectively with good rotation is the foundation of a good freestyle stroke. Breaking this down one side at a time helps you focus on perfecting each element. Your arm is a paddle - use it well!

Do you need to Rotate better? This will help.

An efficient shape through the water is completely streamlined. Rotating through your core, keeping straight is critical. Kicking for six beats on each side then rotating through to the other side and repeating helps to hone this position so it becomes intuitive. Keep practicing!

Breathing for beginners

Breathing can be one of the most challenging parts of nailing the swim. Knowing when to breathe, remembering to breathe out underwater and rotating all contribute to making breathing feel natural and streamlined. Watch these drills as you break it down step by step.

Hand Entry in Freestyle

Where you enter the water and how you use your hand and arm to pull through the water effect the speed and efficiency of your pull. Ideally you want a strong paddle not a dragnet. Watch these tips for position and finish with the single arm drill using a kickboard to refine your technique.

6 Of The Most Common Mistakes Slowing Your Freestyle Down - Find And Correct!

What are the key things you can work on to make a difference?

Carl shares 6 common technique fails and how to make them right. Do you look up too much, drop your elbows, fail to rotate or aren't stable through the water. We can all relate to one or more of these.

Where To Finish Your Underwater Pull In Freestyle

Maximising the power from your stroke whilst not wasting a precious second of energy is all about when and where you finish your stroke - and get into recovery.

5 Tips For Faster Freestyle When You Lack Mobility

Sometimes our flexibility and mobility are not what they were. A little bit of practice and some focus on technique will help compensate or indeed develop better flex and technique. So go on, rotate, stretch out and get that timing right.

Become More Streamline To Swim Faster Freestyle

A tight streamlined position is the most efficient through the water. Use these tips to make yourself long and torpedo like as you power along.

How To Rotate In Freestyle

Swimming in the water like a fish with a strong side to side rotation delivers a powerful movement - as opposed to flapping around on top. Slow and controlled practice is the antidote to poor form in the water.

Become More Streamline To Swim Faster Freestyle

Swim tall reaching for the you are a torpedo streamline through the water.... long and strong.

5 Ways To Swim Faster In The Open Water

Transitioning to the open water is not a secret. Take your pool technique and skills (and training) and deliver them in the open. Vary your speed, be a front wheel drive vehicle, and practice, practice practice... find out what we mean with these demonstration tips.

3 Energy Saving Technique Tips - Go Further, Faster In Your Triathlon Swim

Swim faster for longer with a focus on efficiency. Keep relaxed, keep long and use the benefits of your blueseventy wetsuit to help you achieve an efficient swim. See how it's done and then go try it yourself.

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Carl is passionate when it comes to swimming and has an impressive background in competitive swimming. Carl has been at the top of his game in Freestyle and Butterfly since a young age, winning many national open and age group titles. As a Freestyle specialist he competed internationally between 2001 and 2012, including the 2012 London Olympic games where he recorded a 100m Freestyle split of 48.74 seconds. Carl still competes recreationally in Ocean swims, where he has placed 1st in his age group in the 2016 New Zealand Ocean Swim Series and 1st overall male in the 2016 Takapuna Beach Series.


Carl has spent 15 years perfecting technique and skills. He has worked with multi sport athletes, open water swimmers, competitive swimmers and beginners to help with technique, skills and training advice. He is the perfect teacher to help anyone improve their technique to become a faster, more efficient swimmer.

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