Open water tips

from blueseventy and Boost Coaching

Staying in Control

Taking your relaxed, practiced training swim composure into race day doesn't always go to plan. There are a few tips that can help you manage these speedhumps. Andrew from Boost Coaching and blueseventy ambassador shares a few if you can practice race day situations, prepare well and ultimately deal with those moments when you just need some calm to get back into the race.

Effective Dolphin Diving

Getting into and out of the ocean efficiently can make the marginal gain in beating your competition. That crossover between running and swimming is best achieved with a few well executed dolphin dives - making the most of the explosive forward momentum. In this clip, Andrew shares some technique tips to power through the water safely and effectively.


Sighting and Navigation, swim faster by swimming straight

The quickest way around a course is directly between the marker buoys (unless the tide is giving you a hand). Knowing when and how to look up without disrupting your flow, what to look for and how to target the markers can make the difference in your swim distance (and overall result). Andrew shares tips from impersonating an alligator to effective scanning.


Drafting, how to swim faster, easier..

Just like in the peloton - effective drafting can save you energy and give you free speed. A great skill to practice in training, there are some simple ways of making the most of the good swimmers around you (and avoid others taking advantage of you). Feet, hips, sighting - all important components.


Running in Shallow water, the right way.

Start fast and finish fast without dragging your legs through the water (and get the jump on others around you). Effective technique lifting your legs over the water can make a difference - practice it in training and see for yourself.

How to round a buoy?

Keeping moving around the buoys is a critical skill to master. There are three main techniques to make a change of direction - and all without impeding the flow. Andrew shares some tips of what to practice and some other insights to consider - all for a quicker swim.


Deep water starts

Sometimes the startline will be off the beach, hanging around treading water. Getting a good warm up and being in the right position to kick off into the draft can ensure you are in the position that suits your race plan. Find out why your swim coach continues to get you doing those strong efforts in training and how they pay off and how to maximise your start speed.


Catching Waves

Free speed (and a bit of fun) makes the beach finish faster and more satisfying. Knowing how to read the waves, and getting yourself in the right position to take advantage might be the extra edge you need. Practicing this skill may be the most fun you have in training too!


Effective starting for events

Get the jump on your competition with an effective start. Knowing the lay of the land (or the open water) and getting into your swim work quickly can make the difference between swimming/drafting with your pack or having to work harder. These tips might be the difference for you!

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