Wetsuit Warranty


Your blueseventy performance swimming wetsuit is supported with a warranty on both manufacture and materials for one year from date of purchase. blueseventy will choose to replace or repair any defects that occur within normal wear and tear circumstances. This covers the failure of any seams, moldings, trims, or fabrics. You can extend your warranty to two years, simply by registering your wetsuit, just click on registration in the side menu.

blueseventy retain the right to define normal wear and tear circumstances, but as a guideline this requires the customer to follow wetsuit care instructions which can be found on the original swingtag, and take all reasonable precautions to maintain the garment. Exposure to elements such as extreme heat and direct sunshine, prolonged bacteria and chlorine, and other harsh or abrasive substances can accelerate product degradation and void warranty. Materials such as fingernails and other sharp objects may tear and rip the high performance neoprene in your blueseventy wetsuit. blueseventy will not repair or replace items that have clear physical stress such as rips and split seams, or where there is clear evidence of inadequate care or treatment.

Product that is covered by repair or warranty maybe exchanged in either the retail place of purchase, or through courier or post to a distributor office nearest you. (see contact details for physical address ). blueseventy will return warranty repair or replacement by the same speed of delivery – couriered

Please be aware, now wetsuits are becoming more and more flexible and high tech, the use of any oils (vege, Almond, baby oil) will now void any warranty with the wetsuit as all oils now damage the new materials used in all brands of wetsuits.


If a store carries our products, they have been chosen by us because we believe them to be a supreme store equipped in customer service to not only help you with your initial purchase, but also if you have any issues after your purchase. If you have a warranty claim please make contact with the store you purchased from as your first action. They should take the claim on your behalf, contact us, send the product back to us to sort and then update you with a status. However, if you have exhausted this option and for some reason this route doesn’t work for you, please contact your appropriate blueseventy region to discuss the matter.