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Advanced locking zipper (no leash or lanyard). Zipper is locked when the zipper head is pointed down. Flip the zipper head up, zipper becomes unlocked, pull the shoulders apart and the suit peels away. • 

Superior ultra-welded suit seams reduce friction drag and enhance race speed when it matters.• Welded arm gussets designed to significantly improve underarm swim comfort and flexibility• 

An innovative lightweight, water resistant XYZ fabric improves core positioning with advanced compression and streamlining• 

White heat reflective fabric in the upper back, highly compressive to reduce drag, while allowing optimal thermoregulation.

This suit debuted at the 2010 Ironman World Championships and was the top swim skin of the professional field in both 2010 & 2011.

NOTE: We find most athletes choose to size up in the PZ3TX. If you find yourself on the lower end of a size based on the size chart then that size will work. If you're in the middle or high end of a size then we recommend going up a size. Feel free to contact us in regards to any specific sizing questions.