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Taking care of our big blue backyard... We can all make a difference!

Taking care of our big blue backyard... We can all make a difference!

Swimming in the Ocean and Lakes is an incredible privilege, and one we don’t take for granted.  The team at blueseventy are passionate about treading lightly on the planet – and in our case it is the 70% of the earths surface that is made up of blue water! (and where we get our name from) that we hone our focus on.  For over 25 years we have been enabling swimmers of all walks of life to get in and enjoy the freedom and sense of accomplishment that comes from swimming so taking care of this backyard is second nature.

We are constantly looking at ways we can be more proactive in this effort and taking that one step further recently took the opportunity to be part of a Sustainable Coastlines – Love your coastline event at Takapuna Beach (home to the Beach Series which we are a sponsor partner).


Our hands-on experience of the day reinforced that we all need to take care of the little things – as whilst there are big pieces of rubbish that little the coastlines, it is the small items washing up on the high tide line that are having significant impact on our marine environment.  Plastic hidden in sand - Beach December 2018

Similar in shape and size to fish eggs, this is ingested into our food chain…small and numerous these are having a large impact (we have all seen the videos of polluted oceans of plastic bags, turtles with embedded straws, and fish, whales and more with stomachs filled with plastic detritus – these plastic noodles and packaging materials are often the cause.)

 Sustainable Coastlines - the big five

So what can you and I do about all this?  Simple, make it part of our beach going efforts to consciously pick up at least three items of rubbish and dispose of these to landfill/recycle bins each and every time you swim.

(And of course – refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle)

(and at our end blueseventy is working to remove as much waste from our product and distribution as possible)

If you want to get involved – keep an eye on the sustainable coastlines page…and our Facebook page (as we are looking at something for our community soon)