In and effort to give you more of what you want, we thought we would put a few fun and helpful things here for you to enjoy.



IMNZ Race guide

Racing IMNZ? Want to know how to kill time during a 4k swim? Looking for the best burger in Taupo? We have you covered. We asked our pros for their thoughts on how to handle the race course and enjoy their time.
Download here and enjoy.



At blueseventy we have a big catalog of beautiful imagery so we put together this download of a few of our favorites in a nice high resolution format suitable for your computer desktopClick here to download.



Pro Swim Tips

blueseventy are proud to work alongside the World's fastest open water swimmers. To help you improve your training and race prep we've asked them to share with you their personal tips, rituals and advice. Click here to download.




nero Care and Fitting Tips

Making the most out of you nero tech suit is of the utmost importance. Our team put together this guide to help you fit and care for you suit. Click here to download.




Fitting video with bevan docherty

The correct fitting of your wetsuit or swimskin can make all the difference in your performance and comfort. 
View the step-by-step fit charts and video below for detailed instructions.




Wetsuit Fitting Tips

Getting into your wetsuit for the first time can be tricky. In order for you to get the best fit and the most performance out of you wetsuit, we put together this chart that we've found to be very helpful . Click here to download.