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Steven (aka Seamen) Morris is a proud blueseventy New Zealand Ambassador represents those of us that are not elite athletes. Steven's story as to his WHY for swimming is a reminder of the mental freedom exercise in the wide open outdoors (and especially the open water) gives us! "At my best I could have been described as a slightly above average Age Group Triathlete.  I no longer compete in Triathlon but my once strong competitive spirit is threatening to come back thanks to discovering the relatively new and FUN sport of Swimrun.  You will be relieved to learn however, that this article isn’t about...

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The Beach Series is a fantastic opportunity to take part in unique fitness events on Auckland’s picturesque beaches. Every Tuesday and Thursday choose from an ocean swim, run or stand-up paddle. We're stoked to partner with The Beach Series to be involved with both events throughout the summer months.  The Beach Series has a swim distance to choose from to suit all ages and abilities. New to open water swimming? Want to add some variation to doing laps in the pool? The Beach Series is your weekly swimming fix with great support with all swim events patrolled by Surf Life Saving...

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Many athletes are faced with the dilemma of getting ready for an open water swim when they only have access to training in a pool.  Either they live in an area with no access to the open water or they are training for an early season race where the water and air temperatures for swimming outside are too cold.  Swim in a Wetsuit or Neoprene Shorts Unless you're heading somewhere tropical, that early season race is most likely a wetsuit swim. And there's no better way to simulate swimming in a wetsuit then, well... swimming in a wetsuit! A wetsuit...

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