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Why wear a swim wetsuit…not just so you look like a stealth mammal, but to keep warm, glide effortlessly through the water and take the free speed from the additional buoyancy.  With 25 years of innovation, blueseventy has all the insider information on what makes and great suit and what to look for (and they are not all the same).

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A good warmup is key to a great swim so don’t skimp.  Even if it looks a tad uninviting, make the most of the pre-start to get your body and mind ready for racing!


It’s a great chance to:

Ensure that your blueseventy wetsuit is fitted well and comfortable and you’ve got everything you need.

Your arms, legs and breathing apparatus are warmed up;

When the starters gun goes, you can focus on getting out across the waves with the power of the pack (and in the right direction with no angst about where you’re heading!)

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With the season kicking off, now is the time to ensure you are getting in some swim fitness in the pool (a squad is a great option for that if there is one near you), or alternatively – check out some of the free online training programmes - two or three times a week for at least 45 minutes is a great place to start. Next test out your gear – find a mate (we recommend to never swim alone) and just test the water…Head to your local beach, pull on the wetsuit and get in and get comfortable with...

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